Are you fully prepared to run your project offshore?

Despite the well documented challenges of outsourcing, many companies continue to initiate software development projects offshore – often lured by the promise of cost cutting.

A slower than expected economic recovery in the U.S. has contributed to companies making “offshoring” a key part of their overall corporate strategy. However, the moment stateside management takes its eye off the ball is usually the moment when the benefits vanish and the surprises appear.

We’ve documented their experiences – the good, the bad and the hidden – and share our assessments with you in this “Top 10” hit list of considerations when making the critical choice to go offshore. We hope you’ll take a moment to download and, as always we welcome your feedback. As offshore outsourcing evolves in the marketplace, so too do the challenges. The downsides to offshore software development can be boiled down to one of three core areas: greater management overhead, under-skilled staff or language/cultural issues.

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